By Taylor Neumann | Academics, Middle School

No matter if you’re age 3 or 33, learning about these magnificent creatures is fascinating and maybe a little scary — it forces us to reexamine our place in the world. Recently, 5th graders in Joy Aragones’ classroom were treated to a paleontology lesson from Alison Wojahn, Technology Manager at Prairie and, conveniently enough, velociraptor expert. (You can read all about Alison’s unusual skill set right here.)

The students learned about different kinds of fossils, how they form, and why they are so important to understanding ancient Earth, as well as the different time periods when dinosaurs lived. They even kept their own field notebooks filled with observations and “dug” for fossils from the comfort of their own desks.

At Prairie, our students are always growing, becoming better members of society and understanding how they fit in the big picture. Because of your support through initiatives such as the Parent Prairie Fund, we continue to be able to expand our students’ minds and imaginations in new and unusual ways.