Mini Masters Series

Mini Masters

Interested in exposing your child to developmental concepts like physical expression, creativity, and world culture? Join us for the 2023-24 TPS Mini Masters Series!

We’re excited to continue our popular Mini Masters programming for the 2023-24 school year. For prospective students and families, these up-tempo classes with Prairie faculty will introduce children ages 1 to 3 to a variety of important concepts, while also affording parents and kids the chance to participate in some of Primary School’s favorite activities and lessons!

All classes will take place on The Prairie School campus (4050 Lighthouse Drive, Wind Point), beginning at either 8:00AM, 9:30AM, or 11:30AM. Sessions will typically last between 45 minutes and 1 hour. All Mini Masters will have the option to receive an individually-packaged snack and drink. Classes are $10 per child.

While enrollment is open to all children ages 1-3, class activities will be best suited for those 2 and up. Please note: pre-registration is required for all classes. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate drop-ins. Space is limited and only the participating child and one parent may attend.

Raising a Reader | 2/18/23

Valerie Sprunger, Primary School Learning and Differentiation Specialist
Is action your child’s middle name? Then this class is for you! You and your child will receive first-hand tips and tricks for ways to raise happy and confident readers. Valerie will model a number of techniques proven to encourage continued language development and create an interest in books. 

The Creation Station | 3/18/23

Katie White, Primary School Art Teacher
Sure, art is about developing a child’s fine motor skills and neural development, but here at Prairie art it’s most importantly about FUN! Join Mrs. White for an awesome, age-appropriate project that will be hanging on your fridge in no time! 

Full STEAM Ahead | 4/15/23

Chris Henke Mueller, Social Studies Teacher
Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math. From a very early age these subjects factor in to a child’s well-rounded development. This cross-curricular lesson will explore a few of the foundational concepts used here at Prairie in a way that’s both captivating and curiosity-provoking.

Music Making and Body Shaking | 5/20/23

Kim Jensen, Wilson Reading and Piano Teacher
Music allows children to imagine, create, listen, reflect — and move! During this session, our musical adventure begins as your child gives expression to their creativity by singing, dancing, and playing instruments. As they discover the possibilities in their own voices, they also learn how their talents can combine with others in an artistic tapestry of their own creation.

One Stop Shop | 9/17/22

Kim Leinweber, Kindergarten Teacher
Building your child’s fine motor skills helps ensure he or she will start school with confidence. Everything from handwriting, cutting, self-help skills, and even playing a musical instrument requires strong fine motor skills. In this class, you and your child will participate in many cross-curricular, hands-on activities that help build fine motor in a fun and engaging way. 

A Mooooving Adventure | 10/15/22

Marcia Wilks, 3rd Grade Teacher
Life on the farm is filled with valuable life lessons! Join Marcia Wilks, one of Prairie’s longest-tenured Primary School teachers – and the proud owner and operator of her own family farm – for a fun lesson focused on the nuances of working the land. 

Go For the Goal | 1/21/23

Joe Manley, Kindergarten Teacher & Girls’ Varsity Soccer Coach
Set high GOALS for your child when you attend this high-energy, action-packed session with Prairie’s Varsity Girls’ Soccer coach who also happens to be one of our master Kindergarten teachers. Joe will keep your child moving through games that teach skill and technique in a way that is equal parts fun, enlightening, and educational!

Will It Float?! | 11/19/22

Sarah Turek, Upper School Teacher
Bet you never knew how much fun and fascination existed in the world of buoyancy! While opening your young child’s eyes to some of the natural wonders and forces at work in our world, this water-themed lesson is sure to leave a lasting impression. (Note: there’s a chance your child will get a little wet during this activity, so please plan accordingly.)