Unique Offerings

Fine and Performing Arts Programs

Our curriculum includes chorus, orchestra/jazz ensemble, acting, theatrical make-up, directing, technical theatre, and AP music theory. Our Fine Arts offerings include painting, glassblowing, photography, ceramics, drawing, printmaking, and design. Upper School theatrical productions with auditions are open to all students. Major productions have included such classics as “The Miracle Worker,” “Blithe Spirit,” “A Piece of My Heart,” “Cabaret,” “Once Upon a Mattress,” “Anything Goes,” and “Curtains.” Our theatre program also features annual student-directed plays. Both Fine and Performing Arts courses utilize visiting artists and field trips to enhance learning.

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Interim Experience

interimBecause we believe it is important to assist our students in obtaining insights into occupations of interest before they enter college, upperclassmen are required to participate in our Junior/Senior Interim Program.  The Interim Program is a two week career investigation opportunity that allows students to experience the professional world outside the classroom. From internships in medical labs to advertising agencies, students participate in real life experiences related to careers of interest.  We also consider travel abroad on school sponsored language trips and community service projects as appropriate opportunities to fulfill the Interim requirement.

Leadership and Outdoor Environmental Education Program

Being pushed to one’s personal limits, exploring boundaries, learning to rely on others, developing leadership skills, and discovering the inner strength to be self-reliant are the major themes of our Upper School Environmental Education Program. Students learn about themselves and the environment in the beautiful wilderness setting of Camp Manito-wish (Boulder Junction, WI), where they spend four days interacting with nature and learning cooperatively with their peers. The curriculum includes ropes courses for freshmen and overnight backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking trips for upperclassmen.