From Early School (PreK) through grade 4, we develop a strong foundation for the future with outstanding opportunities to help young minds grow. Our academic amenities are unparalleled.

Through our Science curriculum, students are able to explore the world of science through experiments conducted in our science and math Exploratorium – a combined idea center, discovery room, and teaching lab.

Our Mathematics Program implements the University of Chicago’s renowned curriculum to help students understand the logic and concepts of math.

In our reading, writing, and word study, teachers emphasize conceptual development to stimulate high-level thinking and problem-solving.

Spanish is incorporated in every classroom, Early School through grade four, by a highly trained and creative Spanish instructor. The focus of Spanish is experiential and well connected to target objectives in the grade level curriculum.


We also recognize the importance of maintaining a proper balance between academics and the physical, artistic, social, and emotional needs of a child. Our teachers broaden young perspectives by introducing students to new cultures and traditions through field trips and lively classroom discussions, while a variety of exciting visual arts techniques awaken creativity and encourage self-expression.

Our teachers are immersed in professional development in best practices of teaching reading, math and technology.