Thank You to Our Donors

We are so thankful for everyone — the generous alumni, parents, faculty, volunteers, board members, corporations, and foundations — who help The Prairie School excel every day. Your contributions of time and resources allow the School to provide students, teachers, and the entire Prairie School community with diverse opportunities and experiences.  Thank you for your continued support and dedication!

This Place is for the Birds

If you’re a tennis player or an avid path walker you might have noticed a new birdhouse-like structure on the west side of campus recently. We caught up with Dr. Jean Weaver and convinced the perpetually in motion Science Department … Continue reading

“Mermaid” Earns 14 Jerry Nominations, Four Winners

Truth be told, it was not a terribly tough prediction to make. As soon as the curtain went up – and the blue, underwater-resembling shadows started reflecting and rippling across the walls of the John Mitchell Theatre – it was … Continue reading

Science & Service In Honor of a Former Student

At the end of February, Middle School students gathered to honor a former student, Emily Maki, who passed away in 2011. This year’s “Emily’s Day of Science & Service”, an annual celebration honoring Maki and her passion for community-building, welcomed … Continue reading

The College Fair Shows Students Life After Graduation

In a perfect world, we wouldn’t need air or train or even car travel — we could teleport where we want to go. High school students looking for the next place to continue their studies would be able to visit … Continue reading

Prairie Students Are Awe-SUM!

This past weekend Prairie was proud to send a team of students to Sheboygan for the state Mathcounts event. Rohan Peddamallu ’27, Cate Vaccaro ’27, Luca Castellano ’29, and Jillian Anders ’29 represented TPS in the competition. It was a … Continue reading

Prairie Featured on CBS 58

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it. That’s what my grandparents used to say on road trips whenever we were about to pass through a small town, my sister and I bouncing around the rear-facing seat in their wood-paneled station wagon. … Continue reading