Prairie welcomes third section of Early School for first time ever.

By Carol Schmidlkofer | Admission

Owls and Stars and Captains, oh my!

For the first time in history, Prairie welcomed a third section of Early School when classes began this fall. Joining the Wise Owls and Shining Stars – the longstanding nicknames given to Prairie’s Early School classes – are the Creative Captains.

Abby Brzezinski will teach the Captains and joins Terie Carpenter and Kelsey Cassidy as a Lead Teacher in Prairie’s Early School.

We sat down with Mrs. Brzezinski recently to learn a little bit more about Prairie’s newest shipmates.

What is a Creative Captain?

A captain is a leader, and Prairie is all about raising up leaders, starting with our youngest children. Creativity is also a strong Prairie value, and is an important piece of child-centered learning.

How do you weave this theme into your curriculum?

There are so many places to go with this theme! We’ve chosen to go with a nautical look, including a boat-shaped reading center, currently under construction. We’re also including the theme in our study of transportation, travel, maps, and flags. 


What does a day as a Creative Captain look like?

Along with the Wise Owls and Shining Stars, we have very full days! Play-based instruction, or teaching through intentional play, is a very important part of every day, as is gym and a craft.  Through the course of a rotation, we go to the library, to music class, Spanish, Math, handwriting, language arts, computers, and more.  Our two class rules are: “Be Safe, Be Kind,” and kindness is a social skill we teach to be lived out at all times.

All three Early School sections offer a full-day academic program for students ages 3 and 4, including foreign language and music instruction, regular field trips, and daily physical education classes.

There is currently a waiting list for the Early School Program at The Prairie School. To inquire about adding your child to the list for 2017-18 or enrolling for 2018-19, contact the Admission Office at 262-752-2525.