Faculty & Staff Directory

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Photo of Mrs. Lynne Santalucia
Mrs. Lynne Santalucia Upper School TeacherMathematics
Work Phone: 262.752.2500
Photo of Mr. Nich Schafer
Mr. Nich Schafer PS Physical Education TeacherPhysical Education
Work Phone: 262.752.2604
Photo of Mrs. Shannon Schafer
Mrs. Shannon Schafer MS/US TeacherScience
Work Phone: 262.752.2646
Photo of Mrs. Carol Schmidlkofer
Mrs. Carol Schmidlkofer Advancement Administrative Assistant
Work Phone: 262.752.2522
Photo of Ms. Vicki Schmitz
Ms. Vicki Schmitz Art Teacher / Department ChairVisual Arts
Photo of Mr. Klay Shannon
Mr. Klay Shannon Director of TechnologyTechnology
Work Phone: 262.752.2676
Photo of Mrs. Allyson Smalley
Mrs. Allyson Smalley PS/MS TeacherMusic
Work Phone: 262.752.2566
Photo of Mrs. Edith Soghomonian
Mrs. Edith Soghomonian World Language – French
Photo of Ms. Valerie Olmstead Sprunger
Ms. Valerie Olmstead Sprunger PS First Grade Teacher
Photo of Mr. Galen Steig
Mr. Galen Steig Advisor to the Faculty for Innovation
Work Phone: 262.752.2663
Photo of Mrs. Michele Steig
Mrs. Michele Steig Primary School TeacherKindergarten
Work Phone: 262.752.2592
Photo of Ms. Sarah Titus
Ms. Sarah Titus US Social Studies TeacherSocial Studies
Work Phone: 2627522639
Photo of Mrs. Sarah Turek
Mrs. Sarah Turek MS/US Science TeacherScience
Work Phone: 262.752.2556
Photo of Mrs. Christine Uebe
Mrs. Christine Uebe Administrative Support/College CounselingStaff
Work Phone: 262.752.2627
Photo of Mr. Jim Vass
Mr. Jim Vass Director of Facilities/OperationsFacilities
Work Phone: 262.752.2512
Photo of Ms. Crystal Vesperman
Ms. Crystal Vesperman Upper School TeacherMathematics
Photo of Mrs. Carmen Warren
Mrs. Carmen Warren Middle School Teacher/ES-6th Math ChairMathematics
Work Phone: 262.752.2567
Photo of Dr. Jean Weaver
Dr. Jean Weaver US Teacher Science/Sustainability Dept. ChairScience
Work Phone: 262.752.2649
Photo of McKenzie Weaver
McKenzie Weaver Director of the SRC/LibrarianPrimary School, Middle School, Upper School
Photo of Dr. Rebecca Wheeler
Dr. Rebecca Wheeler Upper School TeacherEnglish
Work Phone: 262.752.2650