Middle School In-School Open House

Middle School is a tricky time in a young person's life. Everything increases – the expectations and the pressures, the self-discovery and the drive to accomplish big things. During these pivotal, developmental years, students in Grades 6, 7, and 8 need structure and discipline, yes, but they also need love and support.

The Prairie Middle School program is a place where students are known and valued, a place where they're given the tools and the guidance to make the most of the opportunities that unfold here.

If this sounds like the kind of environment where your child can become their best self, we invite you to join us on Tuesday, April 18th to experience Prairie in the most authentic way possible – while school is in session at our In-School Open House for Grades 6-8!

We will match you with a tour guide who will take you across campus while highlighting and discussing your child’s interests. Peek inside classes while learning takes place, watch passing time in Prairie’s curved hallways, observe students, and chat with teachers – there is no better way to experience what Middle School at Prairie is really like!

MS Musical
Giving Garden
Davinci Bridge

Support in Transition

If the seeds of a young mind take root in Primary School, Middle School (MS) is where they break through and accelerate. By emphasizing the social and emotional needs of students, our teachers are committed to ensuring every individual is not only excelling in math, science, social studies, English and the arts, but that they are growing ever more compassionate and self-aware.

Opportunities for Self-Discovery

With over 60 clubs and activities throughout Primary, Middle, and Upper School, our students are continually immersed in opportunity.

The Advisory Program

In Middle and Upper School, every student has an advisor who serves as the primary liaison between school and home.

Learning from the Best

With over 50% of our faculty members possessing advanced degrees, our students have access to a collection of teachers few institutions can match.

No Cut Athletics

Any athlete willing to work hard and develop their potential will always make the team.