The Prairie Fund

What is it?

The Prairie Fund is Prairie’s main fundraising initiative.

Participation in the Prairie Fund by current parents, alumni, alumni parents, grandparents, corporations, and friends of the School ensures our continued health and vitality.

Our teachers know this well: since 2014, 100% of our faculty have participated in contributing to the Prairie Fund. All of them. For nine years straight. How cool is that? Doesn’t happen everywhere. This is the kind of collaboration that boosts our school’s sense of community pride and that helps all of us grow and thrive — and we want our parents to join the club!

Why is it Important?

Prairie is more than a school. It is a sprawling science lab where hypotheses are tested and new discoveries are made. It is home to infinite book nooks – no space is off limits when it comes to settling in with a good read. It is an ongoing musical, filled with singing and dancing in more than just the theatre.

Prairie is an experience and when you support the Prairie Fund, you have a tangible impact on what that can look like. While your gift helps to balance the budget and ensure our teachers are able to fulfill the school’s mission, it goes far beyond what’s necessary. It also creates the opportunity to provide new academic courses, top-notch coaches, and incredible community events – just a few of the extras that set Prairie apart. Your philanthropy provides for the ‘here and now’ and the ‘what’s to come’. No matter your connection to Prairie, our school is strengthened by your support.

What Can I Do?

We’ve already put in the work. Over the past five years, parent volunteers have led efforts to grow understanding of and support for the Prairie Fund — and parent participation has more than doubled, growing from 33% in 2017-18 up to 76% in 2021-22. This year, we continue to build on our momentum.

Parent Giving Participation

2017: 33%
2018: 65%
2019: 74%
2020: 71%
2021: 76%
Faculty 100%
All School 64%
Primary School 72%
Middle School 85%
Upper School 53%

Primary School

Primary School 72%
Early School 63%
Kindergarten 75%
1st Grade 75%
2nd Grade 88%
3rd Grade 67%
4th Grade 91%
5th Grade 62%

Middle School

Middle School 85%
6th Grade 83%
7th Grade 87%
8th Grade 86%

Upper School

Upper School 53%
9th Grade 66%
10th Grade 54%
11th Grade 45%
12th Grade 52%