Early School (PreKindergarten) Program

For three and four year olds, life is filled with intrigue, exploration, and discovery. In our PreKindergarten programs, we satisfy Early Schoolers’ insatiable thirst for learning with many hands-on opportunities that engage minds, hands, and hearts.

We encourage our young people to explore and experiment, to investigate and ask questions. We involve them in special theme projects and field trips, and encourage visits from parents who “show and tell” their hobbies and careers. Through many stimulating adventures, we shape our children into lifelong learners.

We also believe that during this important stage, children need to develop enduring values such as self-respect, self-control, and sensitivity to others and their property. Learning to cooperate and collaborate, to anticipate the consequences of their actions, to organize themselves, and to appreciate the work of others are all integral parts of the Early School program.

To achieve these intellectual and social goals, we provide trained and nurturing professionals who educate each child in a warm, safe, relaxed, and creative environment. Our Early School classrooms are filled with smiling, young faces eager to explore while preparing for kindergarten and beyond – they truly develop a love of learning!